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My Top 5 Favorite Caffeinated Posts

Even though I’ve stopped writing at The Caffeinated Blog, I’m still VERY proud of what I’ve written there. I look back at it now and think “Hey, I wrote some pretty damn good stuff.” Not that I didn’t think it was good when I wrote it, but we’re all our own biggest critics, right?

I tried to touch on topics that would remain evergreen despite the ever-changing landscape and provide resources that would continue to be valuable to readers no matter when they happened upon it. But there were a few posts that I really think stand out and represent what I believe as far as social media and online communities are concerned. So, I’ve chosen those 5 to share with you today. Perhaps you’ve read them before and will find additional value reading them again, or you’re discovering them for the first time today. In either case, enjoy!

Need Content? Your Community Are Your Best Writers - This is the last past I wrote on The Caffeinated Blog. It states that “content needs to be at the heart of your online marketing strategy,” and this is one of my core beliefs; thusly, why this is one of the top 5.

7 Reasons Online Forums Aren’t Dead Yet - This was a follow-up to another post where I gave my own opinion about why online forums aren’t dead yet, and here I asked for the opinions of others through LinkedIn (one of my favorite things to do).

10 Tips for a Successful Blogger Outreach Campaign - I wrote this based on my own experiences with blogger outreach campaigns. I read a recent post from Chris Brogan where he offered his own excellent tips and echoed some of mine.

Dealing with Negative Feedback in a Positive Way - In my opinion, more companies (hello, H&M) should be following these tips.

Social Media Marketing Case Study: Using Facebook to Promote a Professional Photography Business - This one got a little bit of attention, getting mentions across the social mediasphere and even resulting in Facebook contacting the case study subject, Dustin Meyer. UPDATE: Dustin now is a social media “guru” of sorts in his industry. He’ll be teaching a sold-out masterclass on social media marketing at the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Convention in March.

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